Top 20 mosquito repellent plants

Top 20 mosquito repellent plants

Mosquitoes bites can frequently cause itching ( Pruritus), lumps and urticaria of the skin. Sometimes, small blisters may develop. It is crucial to avoid scratching the skin as this increases vulnerability to developing an infection at the area of the bite. While so many people consider using toxic chemical to repel mosquitoes,However, there are natural ways to keep them from chowing down on your blood. These are 20 natural mosquito repellent plants that you can truly enjoy your time spent in the great outdoors.

List of best mosquito repellent plants

1)Citronella Plant

Citronella is one of the best natural mosquito repellent plant, citronella oil is the best ingredient in mosquito repellents like candles and sprays. You can easily get citronella candles in stores before you buy it must read how it keeps mosquitoes away. If you live in colder climate area then must considering planting citronella plant in your garden. It will keep mosquitoes and other insects far from your surrounding and keep you, your family members, children safe from mosquito bite.

Top 20 mosquito mosquito repealing plants


Planting marigold not only makes your garden attractive, but also its distinct scent repels mosquitoes, aphids and even rabbits. Grow marigolds in your yard near mosquito entry-points like windows or doors. Marigolds grow easily in bright sunny areas so choose an area where proper sunlight can reach. All types of marigold scent helps in repelling mosquitoes. Farmers also use marigold roots to repel nematodes.


catnip , well known as catmint plant, is an effective mosquito repellent. The leaves of catnip are surrounded with soft furs that contain volatile oils to give catnip distinct smell. If you have a big garden in your yard and getting problem from mosquitoes, flies and other bugs, grab a bunch of leaves of catnip and rub them.
This plant contain an excellent property of attacking mosquitoes.these plants are easy to grow so just plant catnip near the place where you don’t want annoying mosquitoes to enter and see the magic.


Lavender is known for its soothing, calming scent, lavender repels gnats and mosquitoes from attacking your outdoor dinner party. Plant it in the garden, doors, or near windows. Lavender keeps mosquitoes and other insects away so plant  lavender plants in your garden.

Top 20 mosquito repellent plants


Basil’s pungent smell repels bugs and mosquitoes and other pests away. Basil leaves and plants have some essential oils which act as effective natural bugs repellent. Place the basil plant near outdoor areas where you mostly spend your time to keep these annoying house flies and mosquitoes away.

Certain chemicals are present in basil plants that are known to do best job in repelling mosquitoes at bay. The best thing is that it smells so good that will not affect you or your pets at all. It may feel as heavenly smell for us but not pleasant to these bloodsucker insects.

6) Lemon balm

Lemon balm, also known as horsemint, like other family of the mint family, lemon balm smell also repels insects. But this plant attracts pollinators like butterflies and bees. Lemon balm is well known for its healing properties. The plant reseeds itself and grows fast so consider plating it in a small pot instead yard.


Rodents and mosquitoes hates mint, especially peppermint. Peppermint is one of the best natural mosquito repellent. Oil in mint helps to kill larvae of bug species. Si, plant different varieties of mint plants in your yard to naturally repel mosquitoes.


Rosemary is well known herb that adds sweet flavor to dishes and effectively repel bugs. It’s woody-scent is what keeps bugs and mosquitoes away, but this also keep away cabbage moths and carrot flies. Remember, rosemary grows in container and needs dry climates to grow. Rosemary available in many forms, they can be grown in containers. Not only it repels bugs but also add flavor to your home cooks.

From rosemary you can make sprays. For this you need 1 quart of rosemary , boil it with a water for around 30 minutes and then take out the liquid into a box or container. Keep the liquid in a fridge and use it when required.

Top 20 mosquito repellent plants

9)Scented Geraniums

These Plants are best plants for repelling bugs and mosquitoes. Like other mosquitoes repel plants mentioned above, it also have pungent lemon smell that’s quite similar to citronella and kills mosquitoes naturally.


Wormwood is yet another best mosquito repellent that keeps not only mosquitoes but other insects away from your surroundings. This plant has attractive silvery foliage and it needs sunlight area to grow faster. It’s smell that keeps mosquitoes away, but not good for your skin so don’t rub the plant on your body. Insects like bugs, butterflies, fleas also stay far from your yard as wormwood protects your plant from these pests.


Unfortunately for all of us who love Italian food. According to studies, eating garlic does not kill mosquitoes (Unless however, you were have to consume a huge amount) However, having garlic around Does! Make sure to add some garlic to your vegetable garden or flower bed for added protection!

12) Vanilla

Even today native tribes use vanilla leaf as a natural insect repellent. Vanilla leaves can be crashed properly and applied onto the skin to repel mosquitoes from coming near to you. All the types of vanilla can repel mosquitoes as their aromatic smell is extremely effective and work as best mosquito repellent. Vanilla leaf is safe for your skin soy ou directly crush the lead and applied to the skin to keep away mosquitoes.

Top 20 mosquito repellent plants


Allium is a herb that keeps mosquitoes and other pests way and add good flavor to your meals. Not only this, if you are looking for a pant to make your garden look attractive , alliums are great choice. This plant can grow as tall as 6 feet.

Alliums naturally attack insects that harm your yard, including cabbage worms, mosquitoes, slugs, aphids and carrot flies. Additionally, many other vegetable plants can get benefit from planting near allums, such as carrots, broccoli peppers tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and carrots.


Nasturtiums repel aphids, squash bugs, white flies, cabbage worms and many beetles. It is also like alliums that benefit other plants to growing near to other vegetables. The chemical release by nasturtium is what helps in repelling mosquitoes and other predaceous insects. So waiting for what? Go and grab one nasturtium small plant or seed to grow in your garden and enjoy even in your garden.


Petunia is also one of the best natural mosquito repellent. It repel tomato horn-worms, aphids, leaf hoppers, asparagus beetles and squash bugs. These are popular because comes in wide variety of vivid colours and don’t need much maintenance. You can grow it anywhere in garden beds hanging baskets and containers.

Top 20 mosquito repellent plants


Ageratum emits a smell that is particularly offensive for mosquitoes. It grows around 18 inches tall and bears blue flowers. Not only blue you can find ageratum in violet, ink and white flowers too. It grow well in partial or full sun and no need much soil to grow. Do not rub leaves of ageratum on your skin.

17) Clove

A natural mosquito and bugs repellent plant. Plant it in your yard or you can just use the oil extracted from the clove to repel mosquitoes. Clove smell keeps you fresh and fight with mosquitoes and let you enjoy your lunch in your outdoor.

18) Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a favourite food of Koala. This plant is originated from Australia and is famous for an ancient medical ingredients. The trees grows as tall as 70 meters in height. Oil extracted from eucalyptus is very useful in making lotions, lozenges toothpastes, joint inflammation and of-course mosquitoes repellents.

Top 20 mosquito repellent plants

19) Pennyroyal

It’s an amazingly effective and vest natural mosquito repellent. It’s a herb that can be grown beneath a bench or in a vase. Pennyroyal nt only repel mosquitoes but also fight against ticks and fleas. But as mentioned above in some plants likewise don’t rub this plant on your skin or keep away from pets because it is toxic to the humans, cats and dogs liver.


Mums are really attractive and mosquitoes don’t like them. If you observe, mums never have bite marks it’s because they repel various types of bugs and are great to plant in your veggie garden. Chrysanthemum repel ants, roaches, japanese beetles silverfish, ticks, bed bugs, fleas, lice and harlequin Bugs. this is also used to make insecticidal spray as it can kill jumping and flying insects and can be harmful to humans so proper care should be taken while using them.

So here the list of natural top 20  mosquito repellent plants ends, which we think would be easiest and safest for you to grow and use to get desired results in repelling this bloodsucker insect and keep you and your family safe.

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